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electrical language no 198

Play – 57:00 mins (right-click this link to download)
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BIG APOLOGY: I played Thorn by Fine Print Pariah twice!  I apologise to Paul McCormick of FPP and to all of you.  I shall have to play Name In Vain on another podcast soon.

Dolls House by Matt Stevens

Empty Heaven by The Random Chocolates

On Giving Up by High Places

Reverser by Seaspin

My Life Beneath The Waves (Oh Father) by On Returning

The Thorn (edit: played twice!) by Fine Print Pariah

The soundbed music is Landlocked by Human Response. The title music is by Tragic Shell Suit Disaster.

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AMPed 209

Sorry, there is no electrical language this weekend. It gets really hectic this time of year!

But It was my turn to record AMPed with 9 really good and varied songs, contributed by myself and 8 other podcasters.


1.  Conscious Rasta (Version) by Guitoud

2.  Getting Lighter by Ché Aimee)

3.  Being 25 by Nicholas Alan

4.  Slow Motion Machine Gun by Pearl And The Beard

5.  Reverser by Seaspin

6.  Hiway Flyway by So Shush)

7.  In The Middle by 835

8.  Walk You Home by Passenger

9.  Darling Dear by Little Fish